Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Bhabhua: Sri Krsihna Goshala, the lone cowshed at Bhabhua in Kaimur district, is in dilapidated condition. Located onthe northern side of Bhabhua near Sonahan bus stand, Sri Krishan Goshala was established on 88 decimal of lands donated by someone decades ago and the land was registered in the name of government in 1972 survey. Sri Krishan Goshala Committee looks after this cowshed. Only two rooms have been constructed so far. Twelve cows are supposed to be kept here but only a calf can be seen here.

Arvind Arya, a member of Sri Krishna Goshala Committee, said that the cowshed gets no aid from the government and is being run with the help of donation from the people. He said that the cowshed was donated 10 cows but they are still  with the donors as it has no facility for keeping cows. He said that in the absence of cows milk business is not possible.



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