Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Vice Chancellor, Veer Kuer Singh University (VKSU), Ara,  Leela Chand Sah and Bhojpur District Magistrate Birendra Prasad Yadav jointly inaugurated the 67th Van Mahotsava by planting saplings on the new campus of  VKSU on Thursday. The NSS members staged street play on the occasion highlighting importance of plantation and they also pledged to plant at least one plant each.

VC, VKSU, Sah said that the VKSU administration has decided to plant at least 5000 plants on the new campus of the university and the Environment and forest department is cooperating in it. He said, ” If we do not wake up to danger of green house effect and plant maximum number of plants and save them, we will also have to buy Oxygen from booths as the Japanese do.” He said development is necessary for progress of a nation but at the same time environmental balance is also necessary. He stressed on the need of ‘Chipko’ like agitation in the society to maintain the balance of eco system. He said if a tree is cut for the development, one should plant at least two in that place.

Bhojpur DM Birendra Prasad Yadav said that celebration of Van Mahatsav is linked with plantation of more and more trees, their safety and maintenance of eco system. He said that the environment is polluted with drains in the towns, smoke emitting from factories and hole in Ozone layer.  He urged the people to plant saplings on roadside, schools, public fields and even at their houses.

Forest Officer Diwakar Prasad said,” We are facing acute drinking water crisis, rise in temperature, deficient rain and several illness due to environment imbalance and indiscriminate cutting of trees.” He said this year 1.61 lakh saplings have to be planted on roadsides and on the bank of canals. Altogether 1.20 lakh saplings have been grown under Mukhya Mantri Nizi Paudhshala Yojana for distribution among the farmers and common people free of cost for plating them in the fields, houses, offices, schools, roadsides and other places.

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