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Patna : Bihar Deputy CM and Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi ( SuMo) on October 17, 2017, said that the Registration Department, Bihar government, would probe as to whom one Chandrakanta Devi had gifted her 318 decimal land located at Maner in suburban Patna in 2006. SuMo said that he would submit all the documents to the Income-Ttax Department and other authorities concerned as well for appropriate action in connection.

SuMo had on October 17 alleged that Dr Misa Bharti, a Rajya Sabha Member and daughter of RJD Chief¬† Lalu Prasad, had received 318 decimal land at Maner as gift in 2006 from a person who she claimed is her mother-in-law. But, RJD spokesperson and MLA Shakti Singh Yadav rubbished the allegations saying “No illegality has been done. Chandrakanta Devi is a relative of Misa Bharti from her in-law’s side.”

SuMo had earlier alleged that about 10 people who gifted or willed their properties in the name of Lalu Prasad’s family members. Chandrakanta Devi is the 11th person, he alleged on October 17.¬† He said Misa Bharat has claimed that her mother-in-law Chandrakanta Devi had gifted the land to her. But her father-in-law’s name is Ram Babu Pathik not Rajeshwar Singh as mentioned in the gift deed, he alleged.

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