Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Buxar : Right to Education (RTE) has no meaning in Buxar district as Mahadalit children are still seen picking rags and not going to  school. With the dawn, the elderly men and women of Mahadalit locality go to earn two squares meal a day while their children below 14 year  start picking rags behind their houses even in the bone chilling cold.

The RTE Act was introduced in 2009 with a view to bringing children in 6 – 14 year age group to school and even their guardians can’t prevent them from going to school. Provisions were made in the Act to take action against the teacher and the officials if even a single child is left. But, the officials of the education department remain indifferent to them.

When contacted, Block Education Officer, Kesath, Buxar district, Renu Kumari blamed the Headmasters of Primary and Middle Schools and said that she had already sent direction to the Headmasters to bring the children in 6 – 14 year age group to schools. If some students have not yet been enrolled so far, a campaign will be launched to enroll such children in the school.K


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