Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Sasaram: Embezzlement of Rs 6.5 lakh of government fund by the Headmaster, Ram Dulari Shaudrik High School, Rajpur in Rohtas district, has come light and President of the managing committee of the school Rajendra Singh and Secretary Amresh Chaudhary informed the District Education Officer (DEO) about it on Thursday.

The Secretary, in a communication to the DEO, alleged that the Headmaster of the school, Krishna Kumar, had failed to show any record of expenditure of fund received from the government in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 for the school uniforms, cycle and schorship of the students and demanded termination of the Headmaster from the post. The President said that the Headmaster had not been seen for two weeks after locking the school. As a result teaching in the school was completely paralysed.  He said on Tuesday, when the Headmaster did not come, the school managing committee broke the lock to resume teaching at the school.

Headmaster Krishna Kumar said that this committee was dissolved six months ago and a new managing committee of the school has been formed and so the old managing committee has no right to inquire into the matter. Kumar said he had already written to the officials of the education department in this regard.

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