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Sasaram: Rohtas Cattle Inspector Shambhu Kumar Singh, on a tip off, conducted raid at Malwar Toll gate late Thursday evening and seized a truck with 18 cows and 8 calves that were being smuggled into Kanpur in Utter Pradesh from Buxar and handed them over to the Shiv Sagar Police Station.

A named FIR has been lodged with Shiv Sagar Police Station against cattle smugglers Vidya Sagar Rai, Madan Singh, Veeru, Keshav Prasad and Hari Baba but no arrest has so far been made in this regard. The Cattle Inspector said that cattle smuggling was going on in the area with impunity and 18 trucks loaded with cattle have so far been seized and FIRs had been lodged with the police against 80 persons so far.

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