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Munger: A team of forensic science laboratory(FSL) from Patna reached Munger on Wednesday and took samples of fingerprints from on the walls and doors of the house of Sunil Rai,  an RJD leader and a member of Munger municipal corporation (MMC) from ward  No 40.

The FSL team was requisitioned by the Munger police in a case of theft commited in the house of Rai on July 14 night when Rai with his family members had gone to Bhagalpur to attend a marraige.When he returned next day, he found that criminals had stolen valuable articles, jewellery and cash worth Rs eight lakh after breaking open the main gate of the house.

Police had instituted an FIR on the statement of Rai but they remain clueless in the case. Similarly, no breakthrough has been made so far in the case of loot of Rs 10 lakh from the hand of the driver of a very influential contractor Niranjan Sharma, resident of Belan Bazar colony in Munger town two months back. The driver of th car had drawn the money from the bank and rushed to his master’s residence. As he got down from the car and was proceeding towards the door of the residence after parking the car on one side of the road, two persons on bike followed the driver and snatched the bag containing cash from his hand at gun point.

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