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Gopalganj: Even as the people of Bishambharpur Narayani Tola are displaced due to continuous erosion caused 5-gopalganj-22by river Narayani (read Gandak), it has not deterred them from performing Chhath Puja this year. Though they have come on roads and are living under tarpoline camps, it has not dampened their spirit. The women folk are singing Chhath songs and were engaged in performing `kharna’ to appease Narayani so that she does create havoc for them.

Kalawati Devi, a native of Bishambharpur, said that they are washing their sin of previous birth by doing Chhath Puja this year.  She said that river Narayani has rendered them homeless and they have nothing even to purchase puja materials this time.  “This is a period of examination for the people of the entire village and if they fail to appease Narayani, they would have to remain wandering throughout their lives,” she said adding that they would remain stuck to aastha (faith) whatever happens.

Another devotee Nirmala Devi, who has been performing Chhath for past 35 years, said that she had never dreamt that her three-storied house would collapse and the entire family would have to take shelter in tarpoline tents.  The male members of the village are giving final shapes to different eroded ghats so that the vratees could offer arghya to the Sun God.


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