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Ara: Shahabad range DIG Md. Rahman suspended SHO Dehari-on-Sone police station in Rohtas district Ishwarchand Vidyasagar and SHO Chand police station in Kaimur district Saroj Kumar on Friday for dereliction of duty in in enforcing prohibition under their respective jurisdiction.The DIG suspended them after instruction from the police headquarters Patna under new excise policy.

The DIG said that these SHOs had certified that liquor is neither selling nor being manufactured under their respective jurisdictions. Yet liquor manufacturing factories were demolished in their areas last month. He said it was a very serious matter and the report was sent to the police headquarters. He said that the police headquarters had issued standing order that the suspended SHOs will not be made SHO of any police station for the next 10 years. The DIG said that altogether 10 SHOs including two in Patna  had been suspended while six trainee constables were dismissed for taking wine.

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