Satish Sharma
Motihari : Valmiki tiger reserve (VTR) ,the lone forest of Bihar located on the eastern bank of river Gandak in West Champaran which is full of medicinal plants,has added a new feather to its cap by planting Rudraksh.
The rudraksh saplings, planted on the western side of the forest on eastern bank of Gandak river, are bearing fruits and flowers .The saplings of rudraksh were brought from Haridwar and developed here.Earlier, there was doubt whether the plants will develop or not. Large numbers of farmers of areas adjoining Valmikinagar forest are also engaged in planting rudraksh in their fields for their economic development in this Someshwar
range of Himalaya as rich medicinal properties of rudraksh fruits are in demand across the world.
Elaeocarpus, the scientific name of rudraksh, has more than 250 varieties in Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka ,Japan,Tibet and India. The rudraksh tree looks similar to leaves of mango tree.The trees of
rudraksh are 20 to 30 feet tall. Dr Manish Kumar, an Ayurved doctor,said the leaves of rudraksh are
used for treating wound , mental disorder and migraine .The boiled fruit water is used to treat fever, cold and cough besides preventing blood pressure.Prof Narayan Prasad said its fruits come in winter season.The wood of these trees are used for making furniture in western countries.

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