Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Ashlilata Mukta Bhojpuri Association (AMBA) organized a three- day ‘Dandiya Nite’ at a local hotel that concluded late Sunday evening to mark the Sharadiya Navaratra. Braving inclement weather, hundreds of women, girls, man and boys participated at the event though the organizers were apprehensive about the participation of people due to bad weather and intermittent rain. But the  gathering was impressive making the dance floor prepared for the occasion appear small. Some of the participants had to dance outside the floor. Women, girls, boys and men in colourful traditional Gujrati uniform were dancing on the floor on tunes of different films and bhajans.

Om Prakash, Apurva and Anchal were loudly greeted by the gathering on their arrival on the dais. The crowd mostly young girls, turned wild when they started their performance. After a brief introduction, started a series of remix songs most of them in Hindi. Women, who came with dandiya sticks and wearing traditional as well as western outfits, danced to the tunes of the DJ. An open fete was also organized at the venue.


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