Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Goddess Durga with all her grandeur has arrived on horse this year and will leave for Kailash on an elephant. Devotees welcomed the Goddess with ‘Kalash Sthapan’ that marked the commencement of Shardiya Navaratara on October 1, according to Mithila panchang.

However, according to Hardwar and Kashi Panchang, Maa Durga arrived on horse but will leave for Kailash on Cock. According to Pandit Om Prakash, the arrival of deity on a horse implies ‘political instability’ in the country. Her return on an elephant is auspicious and implies greenery and plenty of foodgrains. And if the Goddess departs on cock, it will imply misery for the country.

Pt Om Prakash said that that the devotees worship nine forms of Goddess Durga:Shailputri, Brahmcharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Garui and Siddhidatri—in the same order  every day during the nine day Navaratra.

Ganesh Pandit said that there is confusion on departure of Maa Durga – whether she departs on cock or elephant. He  said that discussion about Maa Durga’s arrival and departure vehicles and its meanings started recently and there was no mention of it in the ancient scriptures. “There is no basis to verify the authenticity of the implications,” he told this reporter on October 9.

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