Alok Mishra

Patna: To make Prakashotsav a memorable event, a large number of horses from Pakistan and Arab countries reached Patna City on January 2 to participate in Prabhat Pheri. Fortyfive horses from Taran Taran ( Punjab) also   reached Patna.

The price of one of the horses in the flock is about Rs 1 crore. This particular horse has been kept on the premises of Bazaar Samiti near Guru ka Bagh and a large number of people assemble there to have a glimpse of this breed. Prices of these horses range from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore. One of the horses has the map of India engraved on its neck and shoulder. These high breed stallions are being fed gram (chana) and hay mixed with pure ghee.

`Gadka’ party would show their expertise in talwarbazi riding these horses during the event. They are expected to return after Prakashotsav concludes. Some of the people said that these horses reach everywhere across the country if any function related to Guru Maharaj is organized.

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