Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Sardar Patel Bus Stand, Ara, is set to be converted into Bus Terminal with all latest facilities and amenities and work has been started on the project. The AMC and the BIDCO reached an agreement a year ago for the renovation of the Bus Stand at an estimated cost of Rs. 4.57 core but the work was delayed due to encroachment at the Sardar Bus Stand. BUDCO started work this year and demolished at least 40 shops constructed illegally on the campus of the Bus Stand.

After the completion of work, passengers will face no problem. The route charts will be prepared and the buses will ply as per schedule.  Route of the buses will be earmarked. The buses will not stop at will. Fares will be displayed at every bus stop and drivers and conductors cannot realize excess fares from the passengers.

At present, the Sardar Patel Bus Stand is facing several problems. The entire bus stand premises is full of filth and garbage and drain water flows on road. The passengers especially female passengers face a lot of problems as it has no urinal and lavatory. All types of criminal activities are going on here though police frequently raid the area and nab the criminals. Besides, all the cafeterias are either closed or encroached by the local shopkeepers. Hundreds of thelas and makeshift shops have been set up and some musclemen extort  rangdari from them. These illegal occupants hamper smooth flow of traffic.

Town Commissioner, AMC, Pramod Kumar said that BUDCO has started renovation work of the bus stand. He said that the bus terminal will have a new look. It will be equipped with latest facility for the benefit of passengers. He said that the entire bus stand premises will be made pucca fitted with tiles and will have parking facilities. Four lavatories separately for male and female will be made and the old ones will be renovated. Ten censor fitted urinals will also be made. The entire premises will be lighted with LED.

Two new  rest rooms for passengers and four multi-storey retail shops will be also be made. Besides, 10 dust bins will be kept on the premises to keep the premises clean and the AMC will appoint sweepers for the bus stand exclusively. A boundarywall will be erected around the bus stand to prevent illegal entry of vehicles and CCTV will also be installed around the campus. He further said that a dress code for the drivers and conductors has been introduced. They have to wear khaki coloured half shirt, pant and a badge will be pinned in their uniforms showing their names, address and driving license number.

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