Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara:  Over 35,000 LPG consumers in Bhojpur district are not getting subsidy amount into their bank account for the last three months. Most of them have complained to their respective gas agencies and banks but they are not being given proper information. As a result, they are afraid that the government has stopped their subsidy without any information.

Earlier, subsidy amount were credited regularly int the back amount of consumers without delay. Though over 10.87 thousands consumers have relinquished subsidy on the LPG cylinders voluntarily but the BPL families are still not getting benefits of Ujjwala Scheme.

Bhojpur district has 27 lakh population and 34 gas agencies but only 2,72,729 people have LPG connection so far. BPL families have to be given LPG connection free of cost under Prime Minister Ujjawal Yojana but thousands of BPL families in Bhojpur district are still deprived of the benefits.

In Ara alone,  Dhanwantaray Gas Agency has 18,500 consumers of which 3,020 consumers gave up subsidy, S M  Enterprises has 15,000 consumers of which 2,058 consumers left subsidy. Jyoti H P Gas Agency has 18,000 but 3,216 consumers gave up subsidy while Rishabh Indane Agency has 6,000 consumers of which 820 consumers left subsidy. Vyapar Mandal has 12,000 consumers and 1,228 gave up subsidy. Pushplata Indane Agency has 8,000 consumers of which 528 left subsidy.

Owners of Gas agencies said that every consumer is being informed through SMS to get their consumer numbers linked with bank account and Adhar numbers by December 31, 2016, otherwise their subsidy amount will not be credited into their bank account.

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