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Nawada: A village woman Sapna gave birth to quintuplets on February 9, 2017, causing rush of curious onlookers to the private nursing home of a leading lady doctor of Nawada Dr Sudha Sharma. The births compensated her 5 years waiting period for a child. Adding to her woes was her mother-in-law’s never-ending barbs of Sapna destined to remain a “banjh” (sterile) and the sword of threat hanging over her when the mother-in-law kept coaxing her son to go in for another marriage to keep the family line alive. However, of the quintuplets, consisting of three boys and two girls, only one from each sex continue to survive following the ‘windfall’.

According to Dr Sudha Sharma, Sapna, a native of village America Bigha under Nawada town police station, was admitted to her nursing home on February 9 following intense labour pain. Keeping in mind her abnormal condition, a Caesarean section was performed and to the utter shock of the doctor and her assistants, five infants, all weighing between 600 to 700 grams, tumbled out of the ‘closet’. As the news spread like a wild fire, a crowd of curious onlookers, male and female, gathered outside the nursing home to catch a glimpse of the ‘miracle’.

But Sapna’s dreams were somewhat shattered when three of the newborns, two male and one female, died within a few hours of each other on February 10, 2017. The woman and her family, still at the nursing home, are at their wits end and only hope that the remaining two infants grow to live a normal life. Dr Sudha Sharma informed that had the newborns weighed even just over a kilo, the chances of survival of the quintuplets would have been positive.


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