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Patna : Former chief minister Jagannath Mishra on December 11 again praised PM Narendra Modi for his economic reforms through
Mishra, in a statement here, said a section of the opposition leaders was criticising the prime minister for his strong measures and recalled even Manmohan Singh who had introduced economic reforms as finance minister faced criticism. Mishra said when Ms Indira Gandhi nationalised private banks and abolished privy purses of princely states, she too faced strong opposition from the opposition. ” Indira Gandhi laid the foundation of  an egalitaian society and even commonmen were allowed to avail bank
facilities. Likewise, Narendra Modi launched Jan Dhan scheme to facilitate opening of bank accounts of the poorest of the poor, ” Mishra said.
The former CM said demonetisation would go a long way in bringing economic reforms in the country. Kamal Ataturk had introduced economic refoms and modernised society in Turkey though he too faced resistance from conventional clergy, he said. Mishra
said Narendra Modi should take more steps for educational reforms in addition to economic reforms.

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