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Madhubani: An epitome of inefficiency and corruption, Madhubani Nagar Parishad (Municipal Council) has been consistently failing in improving the deteriorating civic amenities in the city which has a population
of less than a lakh.
Come rainy season and the city becomes a floating one, at times creating law and order problems. Reason: the drainage system has gone haywire. While the two main canals, Watson and Kings,no longer drain out the surplus water as they are either extensively encroached or full of slush, all other recently constructed pucca drains, whether on
the main roads or in the streets, remain choked throughout the year.
When the clamour on account of waterlogging grows louder particularly during rainy season every year, municipal authorities do some remedial measures here and there and show huge expenditures on that count. Though promised ritualistically, no permanent solution is ever tried.
Despite the fact the municipal council recently acquired a fogging machine to combat the alarming mosquito menace in the city, there appears to be no proper system to fog the city either fortnightly or monthly. In knee-jerk reactions, fogging is done as per the whims of authorities and that also selectively. Interestingly, if one points
out the problems to the Executive Officer, Jata Shankar Jha, the later never disappoints any one and assures to solve them in future, a future that never comes.

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