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Buxar: With a view to tightening  security in Buxar Central and Jail for Women in Buxar, the jail administration has started installation of CCTVs  on the campus of both the jails. The IG ( Prisons) has ordered for installation of CCTVs inside and outside the jails so that security arrangements could be tightened and the jail administration could keep a close watch eyes on the inmates.

Jail Superintendent, Buxar Central Jail, S K Chaudhry said that the engineers of Beltron Company were installing CCTVs in Buxar Central Jail and Jail for Women in Buxar and the work will be completed before August 15, 2016. He said that these CCTVs had to be installed last year but the work could not be started as the cameras installed there  were not working. He said 34 CCTVs are being installed in the Buxar Central jail and 15 in jail for women. He added that two dome censors have also been installed inside the Buxar Central Jail which will keep on moving round the clock. He said once the work is completed and the CCTVs start working properly, the jail administration will be able to keep close watch on the activities of the inmates of the jails.

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