Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Sophisticated firearms given to Bhojpur police to combat naxalites are being used for the security of VIPs in the district. Senior police officials admit it is against the rule yet they provide them bodyguards with sophisticated firearms. Keeping bodyguards and house guards carrying sophisticated firearms has become a status symbol.

Bhojpur district has seven MLAs, an MP and an MLC and all are given bodyguards and house guards. Senior police officials provide security guards to VIPs overlooking all rules to appease them. Altogether 150 police personnel equipped with sophisticated firearms arms are deputed as security guards or body guards or their house guards of the VIPs.

The State government has given clear cut direction that the security committee of the district will decide giving  security to VIPs but they are given body guards and house guards carrying ophisticated firearms on the direction of the  police headquarters. House gurds of a VIP in Bhojpur district were provided two Insas. Some others are putting pressure on  the police officials to provide them AK 47 security. A VIP was given house guard with SLR in 2013-2014. Later, he pressurized the police officials for AK-47. Then the police officials asked for order from the police headquarters which did not come.

Finance Audit Department (FAD), Patna, issued notice to 14 VIPs for paying charge for keeping body guards and house guards. It also asked the Bhojpur SP to realize the money from these VIPs. Official sources said that the FAD detected during audit in 2012-2013 that they were given security guards and house guards without approval from the security committee. After getting notices, former MLAs and ministers demanded of the Bhojpur SP to withdraw the notice for realizing money for security guards and house guards.

Bhojpur SP Kshatranil Singh said that two sophisticated arms like Insas are given to the VVIPs for security purposes and notice has been served for their withdrawal. He said that the VVIPs will be given another arms for security. He also admitted that giving sophisticated firearms for the security purposes of the VVIPs is against the rule and it is now a matter of investigation as to who had ordered for it.

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