Law Kumar Mishra

Patna: Former  judge of Supreme Court Justice Markendey Katju on Wednesday advised Biharis to approach UNO against his comments on facebook offering package deal to Pakistan to take Bihar and Kashmir together.
Reacting to the sharp criticism by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar against him and registration of an FIR with Shastrinagar police station here, the former judge on Wednesday put another post by saying Pakistan got all the ideas of jungle raj from Bihar. Pakistan too plainly refused to take Bihar along with Kashmir, he claimed.
Justice Katju said the idea of getting Bihar too has horrified them (Pakistan) out of their wits. Responding to the comments of Nitish Kumar that he (Katju) was not Mai-Baap of Bihar, the former judge said, “I am not mai-baap of Bihar but Shakuni Mama”. He recalled an episode of Mahabharta and said when Draupidi was being disrobed, she prayed for protection to Lord Krishna indicating he (Katju) was acting like God.
Justice Katju went further on Wednesday by saying some leaders of Bihar have demanded he should be prosecuted on charges of sedition.He said, “Better I should be prosecuted under the Lunacy Act.” He said people must learn  to take humour and said he has made fun of Bengalis, Brahmins and Tamilians too in the past. He tried to create another controversy on Wednesday by claiming ever since Emperor Ashoka of Magadh gave a thrashing to them in Kalinga war, Oriyas have harboured an enemity with Biharis.


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