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Patna: `Hunger-free Childhood Campaign’ (Bhookhmukt Bachpan Abhiyan) was launched in Bihar on November 20  at School of Creative Learning, Patna, under Tyagcharya Shanti Mission (TSM). This campaign was inaugurated on January  30, 2016, from Lucknow as the first inter-religious campaign of TSM. The objective of this campaign is to ensure that no child in India below 14 year goes to bed hungry and/or remains illiterate due to poverty by striving to bring about a spiritual liberation and moral regeneration of the Indian society through widespread application of the inter-religious programmes of TSM termed  ‘Tyagarchana’ and ‘Pancha Sutra’ .

Explaining the concept, Swami Sachidanand Bharati (popularly known as Pilot Baba) said that an act of ‘Tyagarchana’ involves sacrificing something we like willingly and consciously and using the time/energy/ money saved from such sacrifices for serving the needy fellow human beings with love. It is an inter-religious spiritual exercise to liberate the Indian society  from the evils of selfishness, greed, pride and lust for power. “There is no scarcity of money and resources in this country. What we lack is character and concern for our less fortunate fellow Indian citizens,” he said.

The ‘Pancha Sutra’ is a five-point inter-religious programme for moral regeneration of the society and for practical value education of students as well as for non-formal education of poor children. It consists of  ‘Prarthana Sutra’ (Daily prayer for peace), ‘Padhai Sutra’ (Daily study for self development), ‘Safai Sutra’ (Cleanliness of body, mind, cloth and surroundings), ‘Seva Sutra’ (Devoted service to parents and teachers and to needy fellow human beings) and ‘Prem Sutra’ (owning and doing everything with love).

Speaking on the occasion, Vijoy Prakash, Chairman, Bihar Pilot Project, said that School of Creative Learning has been made the centre for piloting the campaign in Jamsaut Panchayat. As a first step, focus would be on saving food. Children in different schools would be motivated not to waste food. Campaign would be launched for not wasting food in marriages, hotels and others. Naghma Tanveer proposed vote of thanks.  A M Prasad, Rana Awadhesh and Dr Mridula Prakash were also present.

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