Kumar  Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Fed up with the non – performance of Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC), the Urban Development and Housing Department (UDHD) has decided to monitor the cleanliness drive of the corporation and sent a letter asking the AMC authorities to send report of cleanness drive under all the 45 wards daily. Action may be taken against the careless employees of the AMC or the NGOs in performance of their duty.

Principal Secretary, UDHD, Chaitanya Prasad, has asked the AMC to send the status of  the cleanness to 0the department daily. He has given the AMC one month time to upgrade its system. He said that anyone can complain on the website of the AMC.

Complaints are pouring in that the employees come to clean the wards once or twice a week and even the ward councillors seldom pay any heed to the problem. The Principal Secretary said that the government is preparing online detailed data of the employees of the corporations and online reporting of the cleanness drive of the corporations will be done henceforth. If any complain is received regarding cleanness of the ward or absence of the employees, action may be taken against the employees concerned, ward zamadars and the NGOs. The people said cleanness drive may become effective after online reporting to the department as the employees fear action.

City Manager, AMC, Shekhar Kumar said that data regarding the sweepers was being prepared wardwise and their attendance will be made through biometric system. He said that details of the sweepers and zamadars with photographs and mobile numbers were being uploaded and added no wrong information can be sent now. The AMC will send report of the cleanness drive and names of the sweeper, name of the lane, lane of the ward, name of the zamadar and their mobile numbers to the UDHD. He said that the AMC has  decided to purchase biometric machines for all the 45 AMC wards to register the attendance of the employees wardwise.

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