B N Singh Pappan

Saharsa : Block Development Officer (BDO), Simribakhtiarpur, in Saharsa district,  Bibhesh Anand, has asked a retired Panchayat Secretary of Sakra Paharpur panchayat Poonam Kamat to show cause as to why legal action should not be initiated against her for allegedly misappropring Rs 23.75 lakh meant for execution of 10 plan schemes during 2014-15 and 2015-16. This foolows a written complaint lodged by Mukhia, Sakra Paharpur Panchayat, Manju Devi, with BDO Anand.

Manju Devi had complained to the BDO, Simribakhtiarpur, that the former Panchayat Secretary Poonam Kamat had drawan the aforesaid amount as advance for execution of ten schemes but noneof them were executed. BDO Anand said that the former Panchayat Secretary Poonam Kamat  had embezzled Rs 23.75 lakh and he has asked her to show cause. The BDO said that soon an FIR wold be lodged against Poonam Kamat.

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