B N Singh ” Pappan”

Saharsa : Saharsa girl Atiqa Khurshid, a  student at a Medical University on western border of Ukraine, returned home on March 1, 2022. She was extremely happy to be amomg her family members. She had to borrow 50 dollars from a senior to cross the Hungary border travelling standing by a bus. But, 8 other Saharsa students are still stranded in Ukraine.

Atiqa exressed her gratitude to the Governmen of India for facilitating her return. Medical students on eastern border and Kyiv were facing difficult situation, she said.

Saharsa DM Anand Sharma and SP Lipi Singh reached Atiqa’s house to meet her. DM Sharma said that he has been informed that 8 Saharsa students are still stranded in Ukraine and added he was in touch with Indian Foreign Service officials to ensure their safe return.