Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Details of child labourers would be online now as per the provision of the government and the labour resources department and the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has been provided with data entry operators for the purpose. Sunita Singh, Chairman, CWC, said that Rs 25,000 will be deposited in the bank account of a freed child labourer from the Chief Minister Relief Fund and the amount would be given to the child after he becomes adult for his employment. Earlier, the amount was just Rs 1,800.

Sunita Singh said once a child labourer is rescued, he would be handed over to the CWC that would try for his rehabilitation and reports in this regard would be given to the DM through officers concerned. All the benefits due to a Child labourer starts from this fiscal. This facility will also be provided to those child labourers who were freed three months ago.

Sunita Singh said that details of freed child labourers and their family details would be uploaded on ‘Child Trekking’ site’ so that his or her details could be known if he she is found somewhere working as child labourer and legal action would be taken against his or hers parents or relatives. She said that if a child below 18 year is employed in any restaurant, garage, hotel, apartment or home and a flying squad team of labour resources department detects it, action would be taken against the employers and the child labourer would be given Rs 25,000. After a child labourer is freed, all facilities would be given to his family through the CWC. A freed child labourer would live with the CWC till his or her family is traced out. She said after family’s whereabouts is known, it would be found out whether the family is getting benefit from any government welfare scheme or not and the child labourer would also be admitted to schools.

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