Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur: A Muzaffarpur court on December 2 directed the local unit of the health department to provide information asked for by a petitioner Naren Kumar Rai from Ramnagar in West Champaran under Right to Information failing which appropriate action would be taken against it.

Rai had sought information relating to income and expenditure of Muzaffarpur unit of the health department since 2005 besides some other information. He was informed by the district unit of health department that information sought by him run into 12 lakh pages and supplying the photocopies of the same would cost Rs 24 lakh.

Rai was told that if he wants the information he would have to deposit Rs 24 lakh. The petitioner moved the court which directed the health department’s local authorities to show all the files to the petitioner and ask for money from him for only those pages which were relevant to information sought by him and provide the Xerox copies of the same to him without any delay.


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