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Dhanbad ( Jharkhand) : The 22nd annual flower show  was organized on February 4 at of IIT(ISM), Dhanbad, at its  Oval Garden. The flower show was inaugurated by  senior professor of the institute  N R Mandre.

Various varieties of flower collection from different categories were exhibited at the competition divided into several categories including Potted flowering plants and Ornamental potted flowering plant, Cactus &amp, Bonsai, Flower arrangement, Institution, individual garden etc. This year 58 entries were received of which 33 entries were  from ISM and 15 came  from Dhanbad city.

In  the individual garden category ( within the ISM Campus), 24 entries were received and it was also divided into two parts. In the first category, Chaitali Sarkar got the first prize while the second prize was given to  Rekha Gupta.  Arpana Champia and Rswhmy Maity  were given  third  prize jointly. In the second category, Swapana Das got first prize , Jaishree Devi got second prize and Chandana Banerjee  got  the third  prize.

In institutional category, seven institutions participated  which included  CIMFR, Dhanbad, EC Railway, Dhanbad, CIMFR, Digwadih, TATA Steel Ltd, Jamadobha, DPS Dhanbad, HEC, Ranchi, and HMB Plant,Ranchi in which  CIMFR, Dhanbad, got first prize , TATA Steel Ltd, Jamadobha, bagged  second prize  and EC Railway, Dhanbad, got third  prize.

In a flower show competition, Chaitali Sarkar received overall champion award  while  and runners up award went to   Swapana Das.The prizes to all the winners were given by Prof N R Mandre. The judges were  R P Das, Ex. Horticulturist, MADA, and Dr Adarsh Kumar Srivastava, Scientist, KVK, Baliapur.



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