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Ara :Banasur Fish Seeds Hatchery near Karisath, about 11km west to the Bhojpur district headquarters, Ara, has become self dependent in the fish seeds production. The fish seeds produced here are supplied to Patna, Buxar, Rohtas and Arwal districts.

The fish seeds are produced here under the guidance of a two- member team of fishery experts from New Hatti in  Bengal: Dr Suraj Mandal and Dr Sanju Mandal. Bhojpur district is now heading towards becoming the first district in Bihar in the field of production of fish seeds and high breed duck farming.

Akshay Kumar Singh of Masarh village said that he got training in pisciculture and duck farming in Andhra Pradesh and started the business at his native village in 2010 that started yielding profit and the district became the largest supplier of fish seeds to all the four district of erstwhile Shahabad, Patna and Arwal districts. He said that fish seeds under the guidance of experts from Bengal are produced in six big ponds spread over 14 acre of land in the area. At least 10 nurseries are running in 150 x 150 square feet areas each. He said that the plant was established on a leased land in 2010 at a cost of about Rs 50 lakh and the officials of the fishery department have been very supportive. He  said that he has now started duck farming and very soon Bhojpur district will become number one in Bihar in this field as well.

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