Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Koelwar Nagar Panchayat has issued 5,000 Holding numbers though it comprises only 2,984 families. The Nagar Panchayat has issued Holding numbers in the names of husband, wife, sons, daughters, father of the same family separately. Koelwar Nagar Panchayat accounts for a population of 17,725 and 2,984 families.

The Krishi Educational and Health Seva Sansthan was assigned the task of issuing Holding numbers after conducting door to door survey of all the 2,984 families under 14 wards of Koelwar Nagar Panchayat. The agency had to survey on the status of lavatory, water supply, use of the house, position of Holding and other points. It was given Rs 425 per Holding number. The agency had to get a form filled with details of houses by each and every family countersigned by the mukhia. But reportedly, the agency got signature of different family members of a house on a blank form and filled it up itself.

People blamed that the agency prepared excess Holding numbers for earning more. They said that tax would be fixed on the basis of Holding number for the facilities being provided by the Nagar Panchayat and added that the people had to part with extra money in form of tax.

Sundary Devi, Chairman, Koelwar Nagar Panchayat, said that Holding numbers are being allotted to the people to make the tax fixation process easy. She said action would be taken against the agency if any anomaly was found in issuing Holding numbers.

Bijay Narayan Pathak, Executive Officer, Koelwar Nagar Panchayat, said that a private agency was assigned the task of issuing Holding numbers and Rs. 425 per Holding number was to be paid to the agency. He said payment to the agency would be withheld if any anomaly is found. He appealed the people to deposit the holding number at the Nagar Panchayat office if any anomaly was detected or extra Holding number was issued.

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