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Ara : Ara Sadar Hospital will be upgraded to model hospital grade and will be equipped with all the latest modern medicare facilities. Deputy Superintendent (DS), Ara Sadar Hospital, Dr Satish Kumar Sinha said that a meeting of Bihar State Health Committee (BSHC) held at Patna on May 9 and May 10, 2017, it was decided to upgrade Ara Sadar Hospital as a Model Hospital with all facilities.

Dr Sinha said a project of 100 bed Mother and Child Hospital scheme will be sent to the BSHC by May 20, 2017. He said that the patients would not be required to purchase medicines from outside as all types of medicines will be available at the Hospital. The patients have to face of lot of problems due to shortage of bed at the Hospital but after its upgradation they would not have to wait for beds to get vacant. Dr Sinha said as of now the patients had to wait for bed and sometimes have to lay on the floor for treatment.

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