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Ara : The inmates of  ‘Alpawas Grih’ (Short Stay Home), Ara, are being imparted training for skill development as per the government guidelines.

Jaya Kumari, Rehabilitation Training Officer (RTO), Alpawas Grih, said that the government launched the Shelter Home scheme for the women and girls, who were tortured in their family or society, to keep them here with full dignity and prestige. She said that the inmates of the Alpawas Grih are given foods of their choice and being imparted training for their skill development. She stated that TV and other entertainment means have been provided to the inmates.

She, however, said that the government had fixed Rs 40 per inmate for their three time meal and two time tea in a day which is a meagre amount and no step has been taken so far to increase the fund under this head has despite several written and verbal request.

Alpawas Griha, a shot stay home for girls, at Ara was started on September 1, 2015, under Chief Minister Naari Shakti Yojna and with the joint efforts of the Women Development Corporation, Bihar, Social Welfare Department, and Bhojpur district administration has presented a positive face of the scheme, said RTO Jaya Kumari.

Kumari Pinki, Counsellor, said that the entire Alpawas Griha is covered by CCTVs and not a single male member is allowed inside it. She said that after counselling, the women and girls are sent to their respective homes. She added that the government has made provision for the lady doctor and fixed Rs 9,000 as their remuneration but no doctor is ready to work on such a petty amount and so this Alpawas Griha has no lady doctor. She added that at the time of admission at the Alpawas Grih, a woman or a girl has to undergo medical examination but in the absence of a lady doctor they face a lot of problems.

She said that at present 14 women and girls including a 6 year old girl are at the Alpawas Griha under hygienic condition and under tight security coverage and added after Muzzaffarpur Balika Grih incident where several inmates were sexually exploited, they have become more cautious for the safety and security of the inmates.

Nisha Kumari, 18, and Shanti Kumari, 20, inmates of Alpawas Grih, said that they are being given  food of their choice and means of entertainment which were not available at their houses. ns.

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