Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : About 60,000 goats were sold in Bhojpur district for Bakrid but without any check-up by Veterinary doctors. The Animal and Fishery Resources Department is responsible for the check-up goats, fish and chickens and as per rule they should not be sold in the open market without check-up.

Animal Husbandy Officer Dr Siddhnath Rai said that admitted that he was responsible for the health check-up of chickens, goats and fish and putting a stamp on them before they are sold in the open market but not a single goat was checked up this year. He said that when he was posted in Nawada district, he had launched health check-up campaign of goats, chickens and fish but someone had lodged an FIR against him. He said that he would write a letter to Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC) in the light of the government direction and assured henceforth not a single goat or chicken will be sold in the open market without their health check-up. Poultry Officer, Bhojpur, Dr Rajendra Prasad said that chickens are given antibiotics and alcohol and spirit in poultry forms so that they gain weight.

Dr Bikas Singh, a Surgeon, said that sale of goats and chicken in the open market without their health check-up is hazardous for human health. He said after administration of anti-biotics to animals, their meat should not be eaten at least for seven days. Dr Vandana Singh, a Gynaecologist, said that one should boil chicken or mutton before cooking.

Sanjay Singh of Jalpura, a poultry form owner, said that a chicken weighs around 2 kg in six month and added they had to be administer antibiotic to save them.


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