Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Sleuths of Prohibition and Excise Department, with the help of Bhojpur police, seized a mini-truck loaded with Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), near village Jaitpur under Udwantnagar police station in Bhojpur district and also arrested a liquor smuggler in the wee hour on September 4, 2018. Te liquor smuggler was sent to jail after lodging of an FIR with Udwantnagar police station under the Prohibition & Excise Act.

Vikas Kumar, Assistant Commissioner, Prohibition & Excise Department, said that he got information that a big consignment of IMFL was being smuggled into Bhojpur district and so he, with the help of Bhojpur police, laid a trap and intercepted a truck bearing UP registration number near village Jaitpura under Udwantnagar police station and seized 1,729 bottles of IMFL. He said that a liquor smuggler of South Ekauna under Udwantnagar police station was also arrested and a mini truck was seized.

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