Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara:The power consumers are quite unhappy with South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) as it continues issuing exaggerated electric bills to them About 1,300 power consumers under Piro sub-division of Bhojpur district have been given  electricity bill of  over Rs 56,000 each for July, 2016, alone. The consumers are contemplating to resort to agitation against the SDPDCL if their electricity bills are not corrected at the earliest.

The power consumers said that they pay their bill regularly yet the SBPDCL gave electricity bills of over Rs. 56,000 to 1,300 consumers for July. Akbar Ali has received a bill of over Rs 56,000, Sanvar of over Rs 57,000, Jagnnath Singh of over Rs 58,000, Mobark Hussain of over Rs. 57,000 and so on. Even the SBDPCL officials are surpised at the exaggerated electric bills of so many consumers in a month. The consumers who went to the SBPDCL office, their bills were rectified immediately. Jagnaath Singh is to pay only Rs 699 after rectification . Earlier, he was given a bill of over Rs 58,000. 

Assistant Engineer. SBPDCL Surya Prakash, who is posted at sub-divisional office, said that wrong bills were printed due to some snag in the computer and now the electric bills of all the consumers were being rectified and they will be issued fresh bill from Monday. 

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