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Bagaha : Police arrested a woman Pumpi Devi and her paramour  Sanjay Sao on February 10 for allegedly killing Pumpi’s husband Vijay Sao, whose beheaded body was found on February 8 near beside railway track near Kailashnagar between Bagaha and Valmikinagar  railway stations in West Champaran district.  Both Pumpi and Sanjay were sent to Bagaha sub-jail.

Sanjay is the elder brother of Vijay, a native of Bakharia under Majhaulia police station in West Champaran district. Vijay’s headless body was recovered by Pathakauli police and Narakatiaganj GRP. Pumpi had called Vijay to her parents’ house at Kailashnagaar and killed him using a sharpedged weapon allegedly with the help Sanjay. Vijay’s head was recovered was recovered on February 10 morning from a ditch near Bagaha station godown with the  help of sniffer dog.

Bagaha SP Shankar Jha on February 10 said that Pumpi Devi, in her confessional statement before police, revealed she was in love with her husband’s elder brother Sanjay Sao for last several years and was always beaten by her husband Vijay for it which led to his brutal murder. The SP said that Pumpi Devi and Sanjay Sao were  arrested and sent to Bagaha sub- jail on February 10.

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