Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpr : Sound of firing and brickbatting reverberated B R Ambedkar Bihar Universitiy (BRABU), Muzaffarpur, campus reverberated with sounds of firing and bomb explosion on December 22 following clash between rival groups of students.

The inmates of PG III and Thakkar Bappa hostels fought with each other for several hours during which they also fired several rounds in the air besides exploding bombs over the issue of collection of donation for Saraswati Puja. Tension was building up on the BRABU campus over the issue of evaluation of answer-books since December 21. Some students had alleged that the BRABU administration had got them beaten up by inmates of two hostels.

One of the groups of students allegedly enjoys support is from university administration while the other group is supported by Chhatra RJD. University officials remained tightlipped over the incident. City SP, Muzaffarpur, confirmed brickbattning on the campus. When asked about firing, the City SP said that he had heard about it. Some inmates of Thakkar Bappa hostel alleged that the rival group resorted to firing and bomb explosion in the presence of SHO of Kazimohammadpur police station, Muzaffarpur, but he remained a mute spectator.


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