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Ara: Vigilance department on Friday lodged an FIR against 43 employment units for not providing folders containing certificates of contract teachers and also directed the Block Education Officers (BEOs) and Block Development Officers (BDOs) to lodge FIRs against the rest 44 employment units for the same reason. The Vigilance team is inquiring into the certificates of contract teachers in Bhojpur district but at least 87 employment units have not provided it 2,700 folders containing certificates of the contract teachers.

The vigilance team had given ultimatum to all these units to submit all the folders by September 10, 2016, but 87 employment units did not submit 2,700 folders hence the vigilance team took the stern action. The degrees and certificates of about 2,000 contract teachers are under scanner and their services might be terminated any time as a number of anomalies were found in their certificates.

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