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Patna: Four BJP legislators assisted the union Law and Justice and IT minister Ravishankar Prasad in  cleaning the banks of Ganga at Kalighat on Patna University campus on Sunday.
Ravishankar was seen putting garbage of plastics, flowers and coconuts thrown into the Ganga by devotees in the handcarts arranged hurriedly as the entire bank of Ganga was full of garbage dumps. Devotees were having dip in the Ganga during Navratri in water which was dirty due to discharge of untreated effluents of the households.

Ravishankar appealed to the people to maintain a habit of keeping Ganga clean and not put used items into the rivers. He later visited the historic Kali temple at Darbhanga House which houses the post-graduate departments of Patna University. Ravishankar said he had his studies at Darbhanga House and it was his duty to keep the campus leading to Ganga clean. Arun Kumar Sinha, Sanjeev Chaurasia, Nitin Navin and Sanjay Mayukh, all BJP legislators, were also present. State BJP president Mangal Pandey was also present on the occasion. But, no teacher or university official of PU was present.

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