Patna :  The Khagual – Phulwari road, Patna,   has become  a death trap for the two wheelers and pedestrians. During the past one month three persons were killed by the  speeding trucks  on the Khagaul – Phulwari  road while a few others seriously injured. Patna district administration  has not yet deployed traffic police to check recurrence of mishaps on the road  or control speed of vehicles.

The residents of Anisabad, Phulwari and Khagaul  said that  thousands  of  heavy vehicles  are passing  through the Khagaul – Phulwari  road  located  on  NH 96   every day causing traffic snarl  since early morning. Heavy vehicles coming from Ara – Bihta- Danapur Cantt  end start plying on the street since early morning daily. As one flank of the  newly  built  road over bridge (ROB)  at Khagaul has been thrown open , heavy vehicles  coming from Khagaul canal end create  jam  right from Khagul end to Anisabad Mor causing problems to the people, they said .

The  road  jam,  which starts from 8 am in the morning every day,  is cleared  late in the evening only. Office goers and the common people are the worst sufferers due to traffic snarls  on Khagaul – Phulwari  road . Patients visiting Mahavir Cancer Sansthan and Patna AIIMS  near Walmi  often get stuck in the vehicles or ambulances due to  traffic snarls . Recently some doctors of Patna AIIMS   said that they were unable to reach hospital in time due to chronic traffic snarls  on  tthis road.

 Residents  of Mitra Mandal  locality  at Anisabad   said that they  had urged district administration  several times in the   past to gind a solution to the traffic jam but to no avail so far.They said that  precious  lives  are being lost  invariably on Khagaul- Phulwari road due to reckless driving by heavy  vehicle drivers .      

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