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Madhubani: “ My son, Md. Tausif, is not like this. We are surprised over the allegation against him. He might have been misled by someone,” Abdul Mannan, father of Tausif of village Makia under Benipatti sub-division in Madhubani district, said this when questioned about the arrest of his son by Patna police for having participated in a
procession taken out in favour of controversial Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik and shouting Pro-Pakistan slogans.
He informed that Tausif has appeared at the B.A. final exam from Kaji Ahmad College at Zale in Darbhanga district and had gone to Patna for some work. Otherwise, he generally stays with the family at the village. Of the nine siblings, Tausif is the fifth. The eldest one, Kalim, lives in Mumbai while three others elder to him, Alam, Alim and Fahim, work in Kolkata. Two brothers and two sisters are younger to him and are minors. The family survives on the remittances of the elder brothers.


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