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Patna : In order to create awareness among the people about Astronomy Shrikrishna Science Centre (SSC), Patna, has a Digital Planetarium in which science films based on Astronomy are shown. A new film “Birth of Solar System” of 20 minute duration is being exhibited since May 17, 2017, in which visitor can experience the immersive illustration of forces behind the birth of solar system from gravity to nuclear fusion.
Visitors can visualize the formation of craters on the planets, can feel the dynamics of celestial bodies, comets and the structure of the whole solar system.   The film describes the long journey of birth of the solar system and different stages of the solar system in an illustrative manner.  Special shows of films are arranged for student visitors and visitors in group, according to a press release issued by SSC.
The digital planetarium was inaugurated in November 2016 and the movie “History of Astronomy” was shown. The centre wants to arrange a new movie every six months.

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