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Ara : Fed up with non-payment of electricity bills, South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) snapped electric connection of 213 power consumers on February 13 night.

Executive Engineer (EE), SBPDCL, Sanjay Kumar Bario said that at least 1,56,263 have taken power connection legally in urban and rural areas in Bhojpuri district but 1,42,195 consumers including government consumers never pay their electric bills causing the SBPDCL a deficit of   about Rs 11 crore per month. He said that those whose power connection was snapped have altogether Rs 24 lakh arrear and added arrears of Rs 6 lakh were realized from the consumers.

The EE said that the SBPDCL was left with no option but to disconnect power connection of defaulters. He said in near future power connection of thousands of big defaulters in urban and rural areas will be disconnected. He said that a major part of electricity bills are pending with the government offices and government employees particularly in the education and health department.He said the SBPDCL had disconnected power supply of a number of government offices that caused much hue and cry and the then Executive Officer was transferred.

He said at least 3 crore units of electricity at the rate of Rs 4.50 a unit is purchased to meet the need of Bhojpur district but the consumers pay only Rs 1.60 per unit. Bhojpur district has 63,497 power consumers below poverty line but only 2,157 consumers pay electric bills.

On the other hand, consumers complained the SBPDCL send electric bills without power connection though they had applied for it years ago. They also complained that the SBPDCL is frequently sending exaggerated electric bills and the officials are reluctant to rectify them. In rural areas, villagers said that they had applied for power connection under Rajiv Gandhi Electrification Scheme but the SBPDCL did not give power connection.

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