Madhubani: Saurath Sabha, a unique matrimonial institution of Maithil Brahmins, begins on Friday and concludes a week later on July 15 this year. Completely shorn of its past glory, it now has become a part of folklore only. Efforts to revive it by some well-meaning persons for last several years, however, has so far failed to gather any moss. The ritual of its beginning and end, nevertheless, continues.
Saurath Sabha denoted an assemblage of Maithil Brahmins once or twice in a year at the end of every marriage season. The assemblage took place in an orchard at village Saurath, about 6km north-east of Madhubani town. Hence, Sabha Gachhi is its other name.
In olden times, Maithil Brahmin scholar used to assemble once a year for shashtrarth (religious debate). Later, their young disciples started accompanying them and the brighter ones were picked by the scholars for their daughters. This is how the match making tradition began and gradually turned into a unique match making assemblage. Apart from Saurath, such assemblages were also held at Partapur, Sheohar, Govindpur, Fattepur, Sajhaul, Sukhsena, Samaul and other places. Unfortunately, with the passage of time all other Sabhas except the one at Saurath died out.

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