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Sasaram: Suicide by District Supply Officer (DSO), Rohtas, Avinash Kumar, is still shrouded in mystery. Police are yet to find the exact reason behind his suicide though they claimed that the mystery would be solved very soon. The DSO had cut veins of both his wrists with knife and committed suicide late Saturday evening though police did not find  a suicide note. The DSO was on leave for three months for his treatment and had returned to duty last month. He was living at his government quarter all alone and was reportedly under depression.

Avinash Kumar’s wife allegedly had close relation with his driver Sudhir Rai who he had removed from duty three months ago. The DSO had objected to their relation several times. He also admonished his wife but she continued her relation with the driver that caused tension. After his return from illness, the DSO was all alone and no attendant was there. The arrest of the driver Sudhir Rai of village Torani, Shivsagar, who had come to the spot, also raised eyebrows. It is still not clear at whose behest the driver came to the spot though he the DSO had removed three months back. Employees in his department said that he had brain haemorrhage last year.

Rohtas DM Animesh Kumar Parashar said that he was not being given official load due to his illness. Rohtas SP Manavjeet Singh Dillon said that it was too early to say anything about the exact reason behind his suicide but the police is investigating the case fromdifferent angles. He said that with the CDR of the driver and talk with the brother of the deceased had given some clues and cause of suicide will soon be cleared.

Sources said that the DSO had dropped his wife and children to his Patna residence on Friday and had a heated discussion with his wife in the morning on Saturday. It was also said that driver had talked to the wife of the DSO on Saturday. Meanwhile, Avinash’s wife, brother and sister-in-law (bhabhi) reached Sasaram and took away the body with them to Patna after post-mortem. His wife said that the district administration informed her husband was seriously ill and so they rushed to Sasaram.

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