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New Delhi: Union Home minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday assured the National Security Guard (NSG) of upgrading its infrastructure and training needs. Inaugurating the Composite Building complex of 52 Special Action Group here,  Rajnath also stressed upon the NSG to conduct regular exercises with forces from friendly countries. Pointing out that such exercises will help the NSG soldiers hone their skills, he said that today no developed country can claim immunity from terrorist strikes. All progressive societies have to stand up against terrorism, he added.
Underlining that the people of India have reposed faith in the NSG as the elite anti-terrorist force, Rajnath said that even during the attack on the Pathankot airbase in January, 2016, the security forces prevented any damage to vital strategic assets and installations.
Noting that 19 NSG personnel have laid down their lives in the service of the nation since the force was set up in 1984, the Union Home Minister called upon the NSG to bring out illustrated booklets containing biographies of the NSG martyrs for inspiring the youth. The NSG must commemorate the martyrdom day of the force’s martyrs with at least one NSG Officer visiting their families and organising programmes at their homes by involving the community. He  also assured to consider instituting more medals for the NSG personnel.
Earlier, Director General, NSG, RC Tayal said that all State Police Forces have now set up their specialized Counter-Terrorism Units. The NSG conducts regular exercises with them, he added.

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