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New Delhi: Railways ministry has geared up its machinery to ensure safe railway operation during the current monsoon season. Railway Board has already sent instructions to all Zonal railways to undertake appropriate precaution to ensure safe railway operation during the monsoon season. Zonal Railways at their own level too have prepared booklets of detailed guidelines for the railway staff concerned.

Joint inspection of Railway affecting works (Canals, Tanks, Reservoirs etc.) with state government officials has been undertaken besides attention to deficiencies by state governments to ensure safe railway operations. The railways has also identified vulnerable locations on the basis of past history and pre monsoon inspections. Stationary watchman are deputed at vulnerable bridges/locations and patrolman deputed on vulnerable sections. The zonal railways have  issued detailed guidelines for monsoon patrolling and protection of vulnerable bridges/locations. Adequate monsoon reserves such as Boulders, sand/quarry dust, relieving girders, wire net trungers have been stacked at identified locations and also loaded in wagons for early restoration of the site in case of breaches/washouts.

In the event of abnormal rainfall or storm during day or night, the railway officials (Mate) organise patrolling over the length affected, said sources in the railways ministry. Railways has made arrangement with the Meteorological Centre concerned for receipt of bad weather warnings covering heavy rainfall, high velocity winds, cyclone etc. Liaison has been maintained with local authorities for monitoring of excess release of water from reservoirs/Dams so that adequate protection of Railway structure could be taken without loss of time besides regular cleaning of catch water drains and side drains to ensure free flow and quick drainage of storm water. In hilly areas, where there are incidence of falling boulders, a survey is carried out to locate loose boulders. Such loose boulders are being dropped in a systematic manner.

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