Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC) has started laying pipelines in all the 45 wards of the corporation to overcome water crisis in the town. Municipal Commissioner, AMC,  Pramod Kumar said that people of all the 45 wards of the corporation were an acute water crisis with watertable going down. The hot and humid condition has made the life miserable for the people during marriage season.

Almost all the handpumps have dried up and people have sarted shifting to villages. He said the most affected areas are:  Shital Tola, Jawahar Tola, Milki Anaith, Pakari, Anaith, Karman Tola, Bihari Mill area, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Mahadeva Road, Jagdev Nagar, Shivganj Anand Nagar, Hari Jee Ka Hata, Professor Colony, where even submersible pumps have become defunct. At least 2,893 handpumps and 1,800 water tanks have become useless in Ara. Kumar  said at least 5,000 families had left Ara and shifted to villages so far. He said the AMC has started laying 3,000 meter pipelines in each ward of the AMC that will cost about Rs. 4.25 crore.

Kumar said that some families had got submersibles. The AMC has decided to make alternative arrangement of water for common people. He said a Syntax tank of 5,000 litre capacity and a submersible pump would be set up and 3,000 meter long pipes would be laid with a stand post at every 50 metre in each ward of the AMC. The Municipal Commissioner said that 1,000 meter pipelines have been laid in Shital Tola locality so far and the rest 2,000 meter would be laid in a week. He said after completion of work, about 1.5 lakh people would benefit.

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