Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : A potato dealer Ramu Yadav was shot dead by some unidentified criminals late December 13, 2016, at Ahiyapur Bazaar Samiti, Muzafarpur, when he was sleeping on his Bazaar Samiti stall ( H 12). Police have seized a pistol and a knife from the spot. The assailants fired on his face from point blank range. The truck driver, who was sleeping beside him, did not hear the gunshot sound. Police have taken him into custody for interrogation. Police are, however, yet to ascertain the reason behind the murder.

Ramu Yadav was a native of Nanpur Bakhra in Sitamarhi district. He had taken tea with around five persons at 9 pm on December 13 at the Bazaar Samiti and thereafter went to sleep at his H 12 stall. The truck driver was sleeping beside him. On December 14 morning when the Chaiwalah went to serve tea to him, he found Ramu Yadav lying in a pool of blood and informed police and others about it. The truck driver was still sleeping. He told people that he was not aware when Ramu was killed and by whom. It is suspected that the driver was perhaps drugged.  It is surprising that why others present at the Bazaar Samiti did not hear the gunshot as it is a busy place with large number of vehicles reaching there throughout the night.


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