Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : Over 900 new TB cases were detected in Muzaffarpur district between January 16 and December 10, 2016, while the number of those under treatment is more than 4,000. Twelve persons have died due to TB this year indicating the TB eradication programme has not been successful in the district so far.

Kala-azar and TB specialists Dr T K Jha and Dr A K Das said TB was affecting slum dwellers the most as almost everyday a slum dweller is detected suffering from it. They said that the government would have to make special arrangements for treatment of TB patients in rural areas and urban slums in the district.

District TB Officer, Muzaffarpur,  Dr Amitabh Sinha, said now the patients would be administered drugs daily under DOT programme from January 2, 2017. So far, they were being given drug thrice a week. He said that the TB eradication drive had been launched in 84 slums including those in rural areas and over 200 patients had been identified between December 1 and December 9, 2016. They have been put on drugs, he added.

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